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Planning a romantic meal or a saucy night in?   Need some tips and advice on dating?   Relationships or Intimacy? lips

Our Dating site members can browse articles on all aspects of relationships and singles dating via the site plus have access to the Cupids Arrow newsletter, which also brings you a selection from the latest members on the database and updates on the latest services so why not Join the Dating Club!!.

Why not treat yourself and your mate to a sexy book to spice up your love life, something you can read (and try!) with your favourite ballads playing in the background! The following are just a few suggestions from a wide range available at & - use the links to read more.


Books on Relationships, Dating & Sex

Whether you are looking for a new relationship or trying to spice up an existing one, Amazons Relationships page can offer you books on everything you want to know about sex, love, romance and seduction.   Just to give you a taster we've selected a few of our favourite books below and supplied a link to our saved searches to browse.

How to Attract Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace
The Smart Guide to Flirting

Lacking in Confidence? or just a little rusty at the dating game?   This book by Susan Rabin & Barbara J. Lagowski aims to help you to interpret body language, offers advice on starting conversations and finding places to meet people, and shares anecdotes about successful and unsuccessful flirting. Ideal for those who are interested in a light book that offers basic but sometimes overlooked tips and advice, it has some interesting tips and techniques to use.
Read Reviews at or at

Kama Sutra - Anne Hooper
The celebrated 2000-year-old piece of erotic literature, is brought up-to-date by sex therapist and author of "The Ultimate Sex Guide", Anne Hooper. In this book she analyzes and reinterprets its teachings, highlighting the sexual techniques that have proved satisfying in the past. Packed with provocative information, photographs demonstrate the classic positions and lovemaking techniques. Spinning a Cacoon is one of the many examples which promise to heighten sensual enjoyment as you explore the delights of these original erotic texts to achieve maximum pleasure with your lover.
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Men Are from Mars & Women are from Venus
by John Gray

The Mars and Venus series have made an incredible impact on how we view male / female relationships. If you haven't read them yet, then maybe it's about time. It could be just what your relationship has been waiting for and this link takes you to the whole series!
Read More Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus!

You...and Him - Pam Spur
Women, to understand our relationships we have to understand ourselves. You and Him is a fun guide by relationships counsellor Dr Pam Spurr, with case histories and quizzes to test how you, and he, really behave.
Read More


Romantic Album Ideas

There is nothing like a good piece of music to put you in a romantic or passionate mood!  The type of background music is a matter of personal preferance and anything smoochy, sensual or passionate can be used to create the right atmosphere for your night in.  We have listed a few album ideas below and supplied a link to our saved 'Ballads & Romantic Music Search' which covers all genres and styles for you to browse.   Ahhh......Now where did I put those candles......?!

Barry White - The Collection
The sexy soulful voice of Mr Love himself is back!   Barry Whites music is designed for lovers with a sensual pulsing soul sound fronted by Barry's inimitable deep sexy voice purring out lyrics designed to melt a womans heart......Men take note!!   If you like soul music this has to be the ultimate love album, filled with all the favourites that have been re-highlighted through the 'Ally McBeal' series, including 'Can't get enough of your love Baby', 'Never never gonna give you up' and 'You're the First, my Last, my Everything' and a definate must for any lovers collection.
View the full track list at

The Best Country Ballads in the World...Ever - Various Artists
Country music lovers are in for a treat with this collection of the most memorable mix of both old and new artists combined into 2 CD's.   Leann Rimes, Patsy Cline, Dr Hook, The Mavericks, Judds, Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton are just a few of the artists performing some of the greatest country ballads around.   Whilst there are several collections available, this is the most varied I've seen with the combination of newer country acts complementing the standard all time favourites.
View the full track list at

The Best Rock Ballads in the World...Ever Vol.2 - Various Artists
This album is jam packed solid with rock ballads designed to get the pulse racing!  An irresistable selection of rock artists include Queen, Heart, Van Morrison, Ocean Colour Scene, Guns n Roses, Fleetwood Mac, No Doubt & Crowded House are just a few of the artists performing the most popular rock ballads around.  This two disc set is a great selection for the romantic rockers out there!
View the full track list at

Enigma Triple Set
Enigma's music is a lovers dream with sensuous relaxing music and sparse vocals which build into pulsating rythms and chants.   This is 'Making Out' music at its very best and this box set contains all 3 of their albums which include chart topping tracks like Mea Culpa and Return to Innocence.
View the full track list at

St. Tropez
So why include Saint Tropez? Simple answer - the inclusion of the timeless love song 'Je 'Taime'.  Originally a hit by Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsboroug this epitomises the French flair for l'amour and provides a perfect atmosphere for romance!
View the full track list and listen to tracks online at

Ravel: Boléro/Valse
Whoever thinks Classical Music isn't passionate has never heard 'Ravel's Bolero!'  One of the ultimate all time orchestral pieces that has been used by lovers worldwide! Wether you enjoy classical music or not, this one is worth adding to your collection!   The music is a total artform, building from a gentle rythmic introduction into a fast paced thrumming passionate piece that you cannot help but follow with all of your senses.
Listen to sample tracks online at

Rondo Veneziano
Very Best of Rondo Veneziano

Classical Music with a modern twist is the way I view this album, introduced to me by a boyfriend, this was a revelation!  The music is a fusion of classical instruments and orchestrations artfully mixed with pounding percussion to produce driving and uplifting music regardless of tempo!  This collection includes 'La Serenissima' the theme tune from 'Venice In Peril'.
View the full track list at

Still Got the Blues - Gary Moore
With featured artists 'Albert King', 'Brian Downey' & the late 'Albert Collins' this is a blues/rock album to knock your socks off!  Wether your 'Too Tired' or 'Still Got The Blues' this is the biggest selling blues album full of exquisitely played guitar and soulful lyrics performed to perfection!
View the full track list at


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